I’m Lynn Hanford-Day. I am a lover and creator of sacred geometry and mandalas and I am an intuitive artist. I paint the face of the Buddha and the imaginal realms of the divine feminine, often working with the energies of the moon.

I am also a heart centred Coach and Integrative Therapist.  I am a catalyst and agent of transformational change with over 20 years experience.

Lynn Hanford-Day - Sacred Intuitive Art - Mandalas, Buddhas & Dreamcatchers

My fascination for the mystical; the mind, body and spirit; energy healing; archetypes; symbols and rituals has been lifelong. As a child I loved Spirograph, mazes, labyrinths and kaleidoscopes. Then, at the age of 52 I found myself once again drawing circles and spirals. And I do mean I found my Self.

I joined a meditative art class in January 2013 with no idea what it entailed other than meditation and an opportunity for healing. I was burnt out, exhausted, diagnosed with depression and signed off work. My body had given up, ensuring that I had to stop and learn the art of S-L-O-W. Some people have a physical heart attack, I had a mental, emotional and spiritual heart attack. I had lost heart and turned to ash. Yet I found solace and silence from the insomnia and incessant chatter in my head by colouring in pictures of mandalas and kaleidoscopes.

As I recovered, I wanted to learn how to draw these patterns myself. I couldn’t find a class so I taught myself with a book, protractor and set of compasses. Art became my journey back to self as I wandered through the dark woods of the underworld. Colour, patterns, sacred geometry, archetypes, ritual, moon energies and transpersonal psychology became my medicine, my renaissance. 

The paint and pattern-making continue to bring me peace while the constellations of colour lead me to connect with my creativity and intuition.

I took my illness as a message to redesign my life. I became self-employed working as a coach, facilitator and HR consultant. From my experience I learnt that I have always been an agent of change, a catalyst and an alchemist. I help people to connect with their strengths and their own gifts so that they too can discover their heart song.

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