When dreams come true

I've had an awesome couple of weeks.  So many things happening.  I've spent most of my time open mouthed and shaking my head in disbelief. 

I guess we can spend so much time dreaming, planting seeds, watching and waiting, never quite believing the effort would bear fruit.  Which is silly really.  A dream only remains a dream when there is no action.  And I've been busy in pursuit of my dream.   I've worked hard.  Yet the turning of a dream into reality still feels like waking up on Christmas Day to find that Santa has been and left your longed for present.

How often do we pay attention to our dreams, our longings, our yearnings?   How often do we say "when I win the lottery"? 

It's so easy to set aside our dreams through the hurly burly of life, to prioritise other more pressing matters, as time pitter patters by.  And then we reach a milestone birthday and wonder where the time went? Or maybe, like me, there is a life crisis, something happens to make you reconsider.  

How many of us go through life never really knowing what we want? Never truly connecting with our passions and purpose?  Or feeling trapped and stuck, unable to bring a dream to reality, not knowing where to begin?

It was many, many years ago when a therapist said to me, " Lynn, you are so much more than your job".  It took me nearly 20 years to understand what she meant.